Ongoing Decluttering for Downsizing

Dated: March 4 2021

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Re-thinking my strategy, I realize my folks have too much furniture to consolidate it all in 2 rooms. I’m going to clean out the small items from each room, moving the nick-nacks to the designated area in the living room, and the books to the designated bookcase, lamps all together in one room, electronics in another, and then leave the furniture arranged in the rooms as-is.

Big junk day is this coming Monday, so out goes the old console TV (why is this still there?), and a very, very old vibrating belt my father considered exercise equipment (again, why?), and anything else that is “junk” and obviously not of value.

While I am going through their things, I am also dejunking my own home to include some of my non-joyful items (yep, KonMari is sinking in) in their estate sale. The treadmill and golf clubs may be going up on FB Marketplace, with their cars. Although, I do have some interest in their cars just by word of mouth, and there is a golf consignment shop right up the street from their home that I may check with. They want the clubs in a whole set, and I know I have at least 2 sets.  

I do get side-tracked going through things looking at photos and rummaging through books. But, this is all part of the process of dealing with downsizing. I’m thinking about setting a timer on my phone so I don’t spend the entire afternoon reminiscing. I’ve watched clients do this, and I usually am going around deciding how to stage the home, taking note of any items that need repairing, or dealing with paperwork while they reminisce a little, so I know it is all part of the downsizing process. It’s different, though, being on the other side of this for a change.

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