Dowsizing, moving forward

Dated: March 13 2021

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I was able to get things kicked into gear, I think. One of the cars is sold, a neighbor came over and bought 2 recliners, and other neighbors noticed what was going on and bought some tables.

I have an estate sale owner interested in an antique gun and an antique dresser, the only 2 antiques I have. I have a plumber coming over because I noticed the hot water tank is missing a shut-off valve, which from my years in real estate I know we need. And also, I’ll have him check the copper lines serving the hot water tank for leaks.

I cleaned out a back closet and this is where I plan on storing the “keep boxes” and photos and other small items I still need to sort through. I will probably make this entire room off limits if I end up doing an estate sale, which I’ll probably do when the weather warms up. With the car gone, I now have room in the garage to sort through other larger items, and get the things in the attic down.

I have a jewelry store owner interested in my mother’s jewelry, and selling these on consignment. And, I have 2 complete sets of golf clubs which I can either sell to the golf consignment shop around the corner from the house, or put up on FB Marketplace. Someone suggested having a sports appraisal, but I don’t think we have that kind of equipment. This person also suggested my parent’s cars were worth $6,000 a piece, and actually it’s about $2,000 a piece, after having a number of people look at and drive the car I realized that was as much as I was going to get, although I had another person suggest I donate the cars. That could be an option for someone, but the word of mouth sale is working for me right now.

I’ve also been able to clear out some of the heavier, larger furniture by word of mouth. I did set out the stuff for “big junk day,” and will have more. Still have the attic and 2 storage buildings to sift through. I was surprised word of mouth has gotten me this far. People in the neighborhood do see us coming and going, and know my parents have been moved. They are good enough to watch the home for us too. 

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