Final Stages of Downsizing

Dated: March 21 2021

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I realize I am on the home stretch of downsizing my parents into assisted living. I have been solely responsible for this, as my parents are in their 90s. When downsizing a loved one, it may be a few months before they adapt and embrace their new living situation and accept and appreciate their simplified way of life. Once they do it makes it much easier to arrange for the dispersement of their no longer needed belongings, although you may be hanging onto the "keep boxes" fo a while.

I did lose some momentum, as I had a plumber install a shut-off valve for the hot water tank, and upgrade some things in the hot water closet. I took off those days and did something else for a while. Getting back into the downsizing process has been a challenge. I did manage to mail some of my father's paintings to his friends, and grouped the ones we want to keep. The estate sale company is buying a vintage dresser, antique rifle, and they picked out some depression glass and other small collectables. I'm continuing to sort, organize, and throw away. I think the neighbors and friends have everything they want, and my mother's jewelry is at the jeweler's for consignment sale.

Our family friend will help me with further organization and pricing. We need to come up with a number of display tables, something to hang clothing on, a way to display the costume jewelry, a cash box, pricing materials, bags for people to place the items they are buying, bags for "grab bags" on the last day of the sale, and boxes to pack up items that don't sell. I'll also need to get materials together to make "estate sale" signs. The weather is warming up, and after Easter we will be setting up for the sale.

Pricing will be a challenge, I'm sure. There sure is a lot of stuff, and a lot of little stuff. The week before the sale I'll be contacting a donation company to pick up the items that don't sell. Once this is done, it is a matter of cleaning up the home, touch-up paint, maybe updating a few items, and I'm thinking of having an inspector give me an idea of what repairs may be needed, then deciding if we sell or rent the home.

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